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If you don’t know what else solicitors Tamworth does other than defend or prosecute, then you might be surprised to learn that a firm of solicitors could be involved in many different sectors and have many different sorts of clients.

1. solicitors Tamworth  covers all aspects of family and relationship breakdowns. From divorce and separation, to child custody and visiting rights and disputes. You may want to consult a family law solicitor in the event of a divorce, or as the grandparent of a child caught up in a divorce.

Solicitors Tamworth
Solicitors Tamworth

2. Employment Law ensures that laws relating to work and the workplace are adhered to. From disciplinary hearings and redundancy to equal rights and creating staff handbooks, solicitors Tamworth is vital for both employees and employers alike

3. Residential Conveyancing is part of buying and selling a property. As a property is the biggest purchase people are most likely to make, it is important to make sure that the property is bought or sold properly, and the right checks and surveys are carried out. Many people’s only experience of a solicitor is when they are buying or selling a property.

4. The Court of Protection acts for people who are unable to manage their own financial affairs, perhaps through illness or disability. Court of Protection ensures that these potentially vulnerable people are not taken advantage of.

5. Wills, Estates and Trusts advice is often overlooked until it is needed here at solicitors Tamworth it is something we provide. You may not want to make a will, but if you died suddenly, would your loved ones be provided for? After a death, the estate can be administered by a solicitor to ensure that the relevant processes and procedures are followed.

6. Accident and Personal Injury claims are increasing, and more and more people are successfully receiving compensation. If you have had an injury and are entitled to compensation, why not see a us a solicitors Tamworth for a quote?

7. Clinical Negligence covers mistakes made by medical staff, and solicitors will try to obtain compensation for physical or physiological damage sustained whilst receiving treatment.

8. Business Services can include company formation, acquisitions, setting up partnerships, management buy outs, franchising, contracts and much more. If you are run a business, or are thinking of setting up a business, why not see if solicitors Tamworth can help you?

9. The Commercial Litigation department will deal with disputes between companies, such as contractual issues, negligence issues and property disputes.

10. A Commercial Property Solicitor will help you to buy, sell or lease commercial property for your business. You might want to purchase additional premises, or dispose of unused building. You might need help renting out your premises and want a proper contract drawn up.

Whether you are making a will or buying commercial property, why not see how solicitors Tamworth can help you?

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